Ulticon Builders Delivers as Promised

Ulticon Builders Incorporated with the humble founder Mr. Carlos “Charlie” Gonzalez truly became a part of an exciting competitive clash between UP and UST women’s football teams. We are honored that we’ve supported these young athletes at the very beginning of the league as they positively grew gradually. Witnessing them having great values and good sportsmanship at a very young age makes us proud. In the football scene, coaches would normally say to motivate their players, “Practice your basic skills first. Every day is a chance for you to get better. You don’t stop when you’re tired. You stop when you’re done.”

No one can oppose the phrase “Practice makes perfect” because of the fact that it is utterly true. It simply means, if you practice your skills religiously, eventually you will be able to do it perfectly and consistently. On January 15, 2019, during the title match of the 4th Pinay in Action (PIA) took place at the Cup at Tionko field.  It was sponsored by Ulticon Builders, Inc. (UBI) and supported by SunStar Davao.  The event was presented by PIA founder Taguig City Representative Pia Cayetano.

Indeed, UP’s team and player Cassandra Alleje showed their relentless determination to win. A series of precarious possessions back and forth resulted in both squads to tighten their defenses. Until Alleje determined the match in favor of UPWFT-X with her free-kick. Alleje, who was crowned the best defender and most valuable player (MVP) of the tournament, said during the interview, “Normally yan yung lagi kong pinapraktis yung free kick. Ilang beses kong pinaprapaktis and I hoped lang talaga na pumasok yun kasi minsan (sa practice) hindi sya pumapasok. Nagpray ako na pumasok, nung pumasok medyo nagulat ako pero masaya ako (laughs).”

Cassandra Alleje as the team captain led her team to victory. As her FB fan page quote says “Your attitude determines your altitude” clearly, it is not only a mere catchy phrase for her. Rather, it reflected through her character the true meaning of the phrase, which is positivity. Ulticon trusts that in focusing on your discipline and positivity nothing is impossible to attain. Nothing is more satisfying than being around people who have faith and thus emit the energy of positivity and endless possibilities. These are the characteristics of the people who are needed in our lives and nation to make us great. 

Photo Credits: Sunstar Davao

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