Ulticon Builders Supports the Conservation of the Philippine Eagle

Ulticon Builders Incorporated, under the wings of the firm leadership of its Founder and President Mr. Carlos “Charlie” Gonzalez of Davao City, extends its relentless and whole support to our Philippine Government and every organization in our city and country who needs our full assistance. Even more so, in this unprecedented time of world crisis pandemic that humankind is confronting. We do not battle alone, our helpless nature too needs our help.

As is certain to happen, the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down in effect almost every establishment around the globe. Unfortunately, this includes wildlife and conservation parks, such as our very own Philippine Eagle Center here in Davao City, which has also weakened its conservation efforts. The PEC foundation, a non-profit organization, for the very first time in 32 years, has closed down indefinitely as an immediate biosecurity measure and in compliance with the local government’s quarantine restrictions.

This has caused the Philippine Eagle Foundation, Inc., to diminish the ability to protect and conserve our majestic national bird (Philippine Eagle) in its natural forest habitat and its largest source of revenue. Furthermore, the foundation primarily depends on admission fees and donations to support its daily operations. Regrettably, with its indefinite closure, it is now facing depleting resources for the food and care of over 100 endangered animals.

However, PEFI executive director Dennis Joseph I. Salvador said, “Despite the ongoing restrictions in quarantine and the closure of the PEC, we are innovating ways to celebrate the Philippine Eagle Week on June 4 to 10. This annual celebration will be extraordinary as this year’s line-up of events will go completely online. For starters, the foundation will be mounting a virtual tour of the center and an online conservation classroom. We will be streaming the documentary ‘Bird of Prey’ as we continue our crowdfunding campaign for the maintenance of the PEC.”

He also added that “This year’s Eagle Week is extra special as we dedicate it to our conservation frontliners who work tirelessly in the mission despite these challenging times. This year, it is timely for us to underscore the critical role of wildlife – our eagle and the biodiversity it represents, not only to the health of our forests but also to our very own wellbeing. We also take the opportunity to acknowledge our conservation frontliners – the keepers, veterinarians, forest guards, and volunteers who step up and do what they can to help amid difficult times.”

Ulticon truly believes through our solidarity and hope we shall conquer these difficult times. If you could remember our first monkey-eating eagle named Pag-asa, which means “hope” in Filipino — gave the center’s personnel the courage and inspiration to continue pursuing what was once deemed the impossible dream of breeding and hatching Philippine Eagles in captivity. It positively turned out that the center has successfully bred 28 Philippine eagles since the birth of Pag-asa.
“The Philippine Eagle Foundation is also supported by conservation partners Ulticon Builders Inc., FDC Utilities Inc., Haring Ibon, Phoenix Philippines Foundation, Inc. and Elanco Animal Health in this year’s celebration as they endeavor to carry on with their shared mission for the endangered Philippine Eagle.”

photo courtesy from EcoStreet by Williemae

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