Kadayawan 2011 Silver Sponsorship with Ulticon

The second week of August is the month of the Kadayawan Festival celebration in Davao City, Philippines with Ulticon Builders Davao. The city also known as ” The Fruit Basket of Mindanao” and its Kadayawan Festival is known throughout the Philippines as the “King of Festivals”.  It is a weeklong celebration of thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, and a bountiful harvest. Our honorable Mayor Rodrigo Duterte once said that Kadayawan is also a celebration for the indigenous people of Mindanao.

Ulticon Builders Inc. has an enormous vision for the city’s progress along with many others.   Carlos Gonzales of Davao has supported this vision by facilitating the creation of farm to market roads for the indigenous people to have more access and convenience in bringing their farm products to the market.  It was also created to help them have the right advantage in using the government’s programs in education, health, hospitalization amongst others.  That is why, when they were asked for a sponsorship, Ulticon accepted the opportunity to become one of the donors for the festival and pledged to be a Silver Sponsor.

Kadayawan has three famous events with the locals and tourists from all around the globe, primarily the Floral Float (Pamulak) Competition  Parade, Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan and the Hiyas ng Kadayawan.  It is a chromatic festival celebration to watch and mostly the participants of the events are represented by the different tribes from Mindanao.

As thousands of locals and tourists joined the colorful and huge celebration with major events to organize, the collaboration between the public and private sectors truly made the Kadayawan 2011 to be a success and a celebraton that was one for the books.

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