UBI Partners with DUAW Dabaw Festival Foundation for Araw ng Dabaw

Ulticon Builders Inc., headed by Carlos “Charlie” Gonzalez, has always had the passion for nation building. It is not everyday that we are able to rejoice and celebrate with one another so UBI saw a great opportunity in partnering with The DUAW Dabaw Festival Foundation for the 76th Araw ng Dabaw. This foundation headed by the former executive director of Duaw, Lisette Marquez, is a non-profit organization which promotes tourism in the city. It is also a proud private partner of the City Government of Davao for the (2013) 76th Araw ng Dabaw celebration.

Ulticon thought it best to participate in the festivities by donating cash to the Duaw Dabaw Festival Foundation and help it with the implementation of the events. Thus, with the help of both the public and private sectors, the  various events of Araw ng Dabaw which included  the opening program, Mutya ng Dabaw, Araw ng Dabaw Talent Competitions (Sayaw Pinoy, Saywan sa Da’n, Laban Labandz), and Hudyakaan sa Araw ng Dabaw were held successfully.

The official events handled by the City Government of Davao were also a success.. These are the 76th Araw ng Dabaw Appreciation Program, 76th Araw ng Dabaw Athletes Recognition Program, Araw ng Dabaw Sportsfest, Davao City Hall Employees Association Sportsfest, Parada Dabawenyo and Datu Bago Awards respectively.

Davao City prides itself as one of the major cities the Philippines can be proud of and showcase to the whole world. Ulticon, believes that for it to retain its glory as a world-class city, all sectors must and can contribute in whichever way possible. In helping Duaw Dabaw Festival Foundation, Ulticon has proven its dedication in being a supportive member of the Davao City community.


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