UBI Teams Up with the Filipino Firefighters Foundation of Davao

Hot Summer! Once again it’s Fire prevention month, a critical time of the year that is taken seriously by our firefighters.  Summer always has the highest fire incidents so our dear firefighters believe in the need to educate the residents of Davao about fire prevention and proper response in case of fire incident.

The fire prevention role of a fire department mainly includes ensuring the safety of its people and their properties (homes, hotels, offices, factories, and so on) and to assure that in case of fire the inhabitants can safely evacuate the premises unharmed.

One of Ulticon’s supported NGO’s is the Filipino Chinese Firefighters Foundation of Davao.  It is a non-profit organization Founded as an Emergency Fire and Rescue Operations Base. With Ulticon’s donation that support the department’s operations in terms of equipment like fire jackets and maintenance amongst others, the FIlipino Chinese Firefighters have a better chance in helping more people in case of fire.

Ulticon, with Carlos Charlie S. Gonzalez of Davao believes it is a must to provide assistance through a simple donation to some of many significant organizations that help protect and render service to the community.  After all, the fact that our firefighters risk their lives for their fellowmen can never be compensated with any monetary value. Residents of Davao City can rest more comfortably at night knowing that the people who stay up in case of emergencies are also supported to be at their most conditioned state.

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