Ulticon Builds Esperanza Bridge

esperanza_bridgeIt is a difficult task to construct a bridge over Esperanza River because of the nature of the said river. But despite this, Ulticon Builders Inc. pushed for the immediate completion of the project to make the transport of farm products more economical, and for the convenience of the traveling public.

Although building the bridge over Esperanza River proved to be complicated, Ulticon Builders Inc.’s witty engineers have done an excellent job in solving the case.

Through the efforts of Ulticon Builders, under the supervision of Carlos Gonzalez, The Esperanza Bridge now provides the local residents with the opportunity to increase their income – due to savings generated from hauling and transportation cost. Ulticon deems the Esperanza Bridge to be one of their biggest projects to date. Considering the difficulty of this project, Ulticon has definitely proved once again that they always get the job done.

(Built in the time with Pablo)

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