Ulticon Unlocks New Milestone After Acquisition of Hi-tech Training Simulators

The world has taken us into a whirlwind of technological advancement. We certainly enjoy and reap the fruits of an easier and more comfortable life. Everything nowadays is more accessible and readily available. However, we can’t deny the fact that there are a few setbacks to this advancement we enjoy. We must admit, a lot of workers have been losing their jobs because of the very automation that technology brings. We also can’t avoid the fact that getting an education that can help us cope up with technology is costly and there are a lot of Filipino families that can’t afford it.

So what now? How can their sons and daughters get an edge and an upper hand among their peers? Thankfully, Ulticon Builders, Inc. has found a way to help out. Last 2017, they attended the annual Phil Construct Convention and came across Acreos Machines. Acreos is a company based in France and some of the products they offer are simulators for heavy machinery. These simulators became the obvious answer to their impending problem on employing heavy machinery operators who were experienced enough to do the job efficiently.

More than their dire need to hire competent operators, Carlo Lisandro Gonzalez of Ulticon Builders, son of Carlos “Charlie” Gonzalez also expressed the company’s sentiment of wanting to help the families of their employees. UBI saw this as a way of being able to educate the children of their employees for free and to offer them the opportunity of being hired at that.


Their desire to fulfill their corporate social responsibility led them to acquire two simulators with attachments for crane, excavators, pay loaders, bulldozers and road graders. The simulators arrived last February 2018 and Acreos sent a trainer to help assemble and teach UBI designated trainers to operate them. As a result, current employees who have children 18 years of age and above, who are at least high school graduates and who aspire to become operators are welcome to train for free using these simulators.

As of now, the simulators have already yielded a positive result. The employees of Carlos Gonzalez at Ulticon Builders Inc, in Davao are ecstatic about this wonderful addition to the company. Everyone has high hopes because their children can now have a shot at a better future not to mention Ulticon Builders also has the security of an endless pool of competent operators within their reach. It always pays to pay it forward.



Photos from Acreos

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