Ulticon Assists in the Education of Tribal Scholars

Ulticon Builders Incorporated, under the supervision of Mr. Carlos “Charlie” Gonzalez, the President and Founder of UBI is consciously concerned of the welfare of our Filipino people most especially towards a healthier future for our children. Ulticon’s passion in helping others does not stop only by completing immense essential projects but it is also committed to provide quality infrastructure assistance and protect the life and environment of our indigenous people.

Being true Davaoeños, we always seek to promote the welfare or the good of everyone. And we do this by working hand-in-hand by being proactive in helping others in need is the pure form of us being humanitarian. On August 27, 2019, we gladly joined the Department of Education and Army’s 3rd Infantry Brigade in being part of completing building makeshift classrooms for the primary pupils of Sitio Gatungon, Barangay Tapak, Paquibato District.

Col. Nolasco Mempin, commander of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Brigade, said that the classroom in Paquibato District was completed on Tuesday (August 27) to provide for the educational needs of the elementary pupils of the STICLCI-run school in the area which was among the 55 tribal schools suspended by the Department of Education (DepEd).  This was due to the allegations of having school system’s ties with the communist rebel movement. 

Mempin added, “At present the re-establishment of the temporary classrooms was funded by DepEd and its partners to aid the educational needs of the 51 primary pupils of Sitio Gatungon, Barangay Tapak, Paquibato District. The temporary school was funded by some of our partner stakeholders like Ulticon Builders Inc. (UBI), Peace 911 and DepEd will surely address the lack of classrooms in far-flung areas, the classroom also eased the pupils’ burden of walking for hours to go to the nearest DepEd school in the area.” 

The sad thing about progress is sometimes we tend to forget about our less fortunate brothers and sisters.  A majority of us don’t see them regularly, but that doesn’t mean they cease to exist.  They have been taken for granted and left to fend for themselves.  Ulticon believes that a true sign of progress is when everyone achieves to have better lives.  And so our heart goes to always check and see if our dear brothers and sisters are still well taken care of.   

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