Ulticon Builders Inc. Celebrates with Davao del Norte on it’s 50th Founding Anniversary

On May 12, 2017, Gov. Anthony del Rosario spoke before a very excited crowd as he officially commenced the fifty-day countdown for the festivities of the 50th founding anniversary of the Province of Davao del Norte.  The theme is “Bulawanong Paghinumdum ug Bulwanong Panlantaw” which means “Golden Commemoration and Golden Vision”.  The beloved governor described this milestone as “a celebration of the many successes of the Dabaonon people and their bullishness about the future.”

The very warm, colorful, and festive nine-day golden anniversary celebration from June 23 to July 1, 2017 was indeed a well-deserved time of recognition of the hard work and resilience of their citizens and its local government, who, in the last 50 years, have tirelessly been working hand in hand to gain  developmental successes and achievements for everyone in the entire Province of Davao del Norte. Aside from recognizing the many wonderful accomplishments the province now enjoys, its rich Dabaonon culture and their heritage was also highlighted all throughout the event.  At the end of it’s official anniversary day, the entire celebration was capped off with a majestic fireworks display.

Ulticon Builders, Incorporated headed by Carlos “Charlie” S. Gonzalez is honored and delighted to have contributed to this special nine-day celebration as one of the event’s major sponsors or  donors.  Moreover, Ulticon Builders, Incorporated shares the same vision as the people of Davao del Norte to celebrate traditions, to honor heritage, to embrace diversity across all cultures, to be resilient and hard working, and to use creativity and innovation when building a brighter tomorrow, not just for one region, but for the whole of the Philippines.

Happy 50th founding anniversary, Davao del Norte!

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