Ulticon Builders Supports Davao del Norte’s BIMP-EAGA Expo 2018

In the business world of Asia the province of DavNor goes international. Through the celebration of the 51st Araw ng Davao del Norte, it highlights its main attraction which is the Brunei Darussalam- Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines-East Asean Growth Area or also known as the BIMP-EAGA. The subregional economic cooperation goal is to increase trade, investment and tourism in these countries and being known as the triangle growth of Asia.

The huge exhibition of the BIMP-EAGA Roadshow and Business Networking will begin on June 25 to July 01, 2018 at the provincial pavilion, during the weeklong celebration of “Kadagayaan Festival.” A large number of guests, investors and variety of entrepreneurs are expected to be part of the expo. Furthermore, the exhibit will also feature talks from ambassadors and consul generals; presentations of travel and tourism destinations; live cultural performances; halal cooking demonstrations; agri-tourism and community-based ecotourism workshops and many more.

As the Provincial Tourism Officer Noel Daquioag said, “The expo will showcase both local and international travel destinations, as well as business opportunities, with the end goal of providing the general public a better understanding of the programs and future plans of the Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East Asean Growth Area (Bimp-Eaga).”

He added “Aside from providing a venue for the exchange of culture and destinations among the BIMP the expo will provide a great opportunity for our local tourism industry and entrepreneurs to market their products within the country as well as to EAGA member countries.”

Parallel with the pillars of principles of Ulticon Builders Incorporated and with the fair guidance of its founder, Mr. Charlie Gonzalez of Davao City proactively aims to enhance the capacity of services and building the best use of common infrastructures for the Filipino people. Through our small Ulticon donation and equally with other business establishments for aiding every advocacy for the betterment of our country, you shall expect nothing less of our full support in every campaign. We believe in uniting together and sharing the same vision in connecting people. We shall achieve our universal objective to lessen poverty in the world.

Photo from www.davaodelnorte.gov.ph

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