Ulticon Humbly Sponsors the 34th Kadayawan

In the previous fruitful years of Ulticon Builders Incorporated, under the keen guidance of Mr. Carlos “Charlie” Gonzalez, they have shared the vision of helping build and pave the way of unifying a better nation. This is most especially true for the rural areas wherein roads and infrastructures are physically not available for the use and convenience of our Filipino indigent brothers and sisters. 

Ulticon believes that we must continue the much-needed contribution for our country’s progress. At present, we can definitely take notice of the tangible infrastructure improvements for our people. In the creation of farm-to-market roads and bridges, it has become easier for our farmers to bring their farm crops and produce to the market. It is also a great advantage for them to gain access to our government services such as hospitalization, health and education programs amongst others. 

We can be proud to visually perceive how enormous our city’s progress has become. For this reason, during the month of August every year, we celebrate the Kadayawan Festival to give thanks for a bountiful harvest and acknowledge the eleven tribes of Davao for their continued peace and support to our city and community. 

In the launch of the 34th Kadayawan Festival, Mayor Sara inspiringly said, “I hope the celebration would give Dabawenyos the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the blessings poured out to the city. We celebrate it annually not just to give Dabawenyos a reason to celebrate; we do it so we do not forget where we come from and what blessings we have received through the years, blessings which we continue to receive today.” 

She also described the festival as a “coming together” of the community to show gratitude to the local indigenous people who have helped shape the history of our city. “I am inviting everyone across the globe to come and visit the city every year in the month of August to witness the highlights, the sights, and flavors of Kadayawan in Davao. IPs, Muslims and Christians—to go out and not just enjoy the festivities but to use Kadayawan as an opportunity to “continue to learn about one another and the uniqueness of each culture.”  

Photo from www.davaocity.gov.ph

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